At Relational Renewal, we provide relationship-building educational workshops in both traditional face-to-face and online formats.

Whether in a face-to-face classroom or an online setting, we help relationships flourish through meaningful interpersonal experiences designed to renew and revitalize personal relationships

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A man and woman are talking to each other.
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Conversations Tailored for Specific Needs

Eight, conversation-based dates designed and tested by Drs. John and Julie Gottman.

Date 1 Lean on Me: Trust and Commitment.

Diving deep into what trust and commitment look like in your relationship and what you can do to make each other feel safe.

Date 2 Agree to Disagree: Addressing Conflict.

Talking about how you manage conflict and how you accommodate and accept your differences. 

Date 3 Let’s Get it On: Sex & Intimacy.

Exploring and discussing romance, sex, and physical intimacy. 

Date 4 The Cost of Love: Work & Money.

Discussing your history with work and money and what having “enough” money means to each of you. 

Date 5 Room to Grow: Family.

Talking about what creating a family means to each of you and how you define family for your relationship.

Date 6 Play with Me: Fun and Adventure.

Reflecting on ideas about play and how adventure are important and meaningful to your relationship. 

Date 7 Something to Believe In: Growth & Spirituality.

Reflecting on and talking about how each of you have grown and changed in the relationship, and what spirituality means to each of you and how you express it. 

Date 8 Dreams.

Talking about and reflecting on your deepest dreams, how you help each other fulfill dreams, and how you dream together.