At Relational Renewal, we have a variety of evidence-based programs that we customize for private and group workshops, based on the specific needs of the clients. Below are the details about some of the programs that we utilize.

PREP - Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program

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PREP is a research-based and empirically tested method of teaching relationship education, which is perfect for premarital or marital couples, whether distressed or non-distressed. PREP is an educational curriculum to teach couples and individuals the skills and principles they need to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship.

PREP is one of the most comprehensive and well-respected divorce-prevention and marriage strengthening programs in the world.  PREP’s skill building curriculum is designed to help partners say what they need to say, get to the heart of problems, avoid standoffs and connect with each other instead of pushing each other away.

PREP is education, not therapy. 
Most of us learned to read with the help of a teacher. We took tennis lessons, piano lessons or at least watched a TV show on how to remodel the bathroom before digging in. But when it comes to loving relationships, we just assume we’ll know how to do it.

The fact is that most of us didn’t learn relationship skills in a direct manner from qualified sources. Most of us simply picked up bits of information from people who had good intentions but lacked expertise.

PREP aims to help couples maintain high levels of functioning and prevent marital problems from developing.  Some of the topics we cover include communication, conflict management, commitment, friendship, sensuality, problem-solving and emotional support. Group setting — 8 to 14 hours.

Other Workshops Tailored for Specific Needs

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Within Our Reach builds on couple participants’ existing strengths and adds critical life and relationship skills to create safer, more stable unions that help heighten the quality of life for the individuals in that relationship as well as their children, including: fostering improved communication, managing expectations, and devoting themselves to a mutual commitment and support.

Within My Reach is a skills-based curriculum designed to provide couples or individuals with decision-making tools that empower them to achieve their goals in relationships. It explores communication, conflict management, affect regulation, commitment, expectations, intimacy enhancement, emotional safety, physical safety and the impact of one’s romantic life on one’s children. Group setting 8 hours total.

Christian PREP represents the core PREP approach to relationship education with a Christian foundation, based on research into the building blocks of satisfying, successful, long-term marriages. CPREP is a model of marriage characterized by respect, sacrifice, commitment, love, and peace.  An ideal tool for premarital classes.  Group setting 8 to 14 hours. 

A Lasting Promise: Christian PREP® for Couples is PREP’s newest curriculum, and is designed to give couples a biblical perspective on their marriage and teach the proven strategies of PREP from within a solid Christian framework, starting with foundational biblical teachings on marriage. Perfect for use in workshops with engaging content that couples want. This curriculum begins with a real powerhouse, the “Oneness” unit. Featuring two new Lecture Doodles™ from PREP that really get to the heart of biblical marriage. There is a very contemporary workbook for participants, as well as new videos to watch, featuring real couples – not actors – working through issues with the help of PREP skills and strategies. 

A Lasting Promise – Book Study for groups that want to go deeper in an ongoing setting
This is a simple, easy to follow book study that goes into deeper teachings presented in the best-selling book, A Lasting Promise. This revised edition contains all the truths of the original release along with much more (such as, praying for one’s mate, implications of being people who have bodies, and what that means theologically, how technology is affecting relationships). There are sixteen chapters, 15 Videos, loads of discussion questions and prayer journals that can be worked on in between the group study times.

Winning the Workplace Challenge applies relationship-building skills in the workplace by giving coworkers the skills needed to work more efficiently and successfully as a team, resolve conflict without damaging relationships, and preserve and enhance a friendly work environment. Group setting 8 hours total.

On My Shoulders (Fatherhood) is a unique, interactive curriculum designed to equip men with the skills for healthy relationships, especially with their children. Themes include the importance of fathers in the lives of their children, the value of understanding and accepting oneself, and the power of new skills that promote healthy relationships. Group setting 8 to 21 hours.

On My Shoulders (OMS) is a strengths-based, experiential curriculum designed to give fathers from a variety of backgrounds effective tools for being strong, effective fathers. OMS is not a parenting class per se, but is an experiential learning process that emphasizes relationship skills, builds self-awareness, addresses emotions, promotes mindful choices (Deciding, not Sliding), and encourages participants to value themselves as fathers and as men in the world. 

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