Our Values & Goals

A pair of sandals on the beach with two people in the background.


Our Vision

To Help You Discover and Affirm the Best in Your Relationships!

Our Mission

Advocate for relational enhancement and strengthening of healthy functioning relationships around research-based preventive education.


Relationships, like natural resources, require active attention in order to keep them fresh and vital.  The overall quality of a person’s life is ultimately determined by the success of his/her relationships.  Whether in our personal worlds where we spend time with intimate partners, family, friends, and neighbors or in a professional setting where daily work responsibilities afford opportunities to interact with colleagues and clients, it is the cumulative emotional health of an individual’s relationships that ultimately influences our overall well-being.

Intimacy is critical to the process of developing and sustaining close relationships. Modernization has shifted the primary function of marriage from providing security, stability, and raising children to develop a lifetime of love and intimacy. In previous generations, successful marriages depended upon duty and role competence. Modern marriages require greater interpersonal competence as well as equality between partners in peer relationships. Relationships are sought that not only create stable families but also provide partners with a lifetime of love, pleasure, and companionship.

A beach with palm trees and rocks on the shore.

Though preventive educational programs, we help relationships flourish through meaningful interpersonal experiences designed to renew and revitalize personal relationships; and through experiences based on building friendships, enhancing intimacy, maintaining and repairing relationships that nurture & sustain healthy families and workplace teams.

Some of our programs are spent exploring relational issues through the medium of adventure and fun such as cooking & dining, wine tasting, sailing, movie nights, fly fishing and travel to mention a few. This may be a time well spent in discovering (or rediscovering) your partner’s natural inner and outer beauty as well as the natural attraction that sparked a life-long commitment so long ago.

You may be coming to this to rekindle your spirit of adventure together, savor special moments together, lighten your relationship through humor and a pleasant experience or to leave overt pressures of society, family or career behind in order to focus on someone you love and who loves you the most.